What to Expect

Please be respectful by taking a shower prior to your scheduled massage appointment.

 Health history forms are to be filled out at your first appointment.  Without a health history I cannot determine the appropriate massage treatment for you. All information given will be kept confidential in compliance with HIPAA law. New policy: Payments shall be made at the time of your arrival, prior to the massage session. This will help prevent billing issues. I can accept cash, visa, mastercard or discover.

Travel fees must be paid at the time you schedule your appointment.

Before your Swedish or Deep tissue massage begins I will ask you why you have come in to see me; what areas are bothering you, what you hope to gain from the session.  I will then tell you to undress to your comfort level and lay under the sheets on the massage table, while I step out of the room. I will knock on the door and come in when you say you are ready. I will offer you pillows and ask if there are any areas on your body that you do not want worked on, such as the pecs, glutes, or feet.  I will check in with you throughout the session to make sure the pressure is not too deep or too light, if therapeutic stretches trigger any numbess, pain or tingling, I will note your range of motion and tension pattern on a chart at the end of the massage. I will come up with short term and long term goals for your future massage sessions tailored to your specific needs. 

If you have booked a shiatsu (or sports massage) you must wear loose-fitting sweatpants and a comfortable shirt to your session. NO jeans, NO shorts, NO skirts for shiatsu massage sessions. Shiatsu sessions are traditionally done on the floor on a futon mat, however if you prefer I could set up the table for your session if you have difficulty getting on/off the floor.  

Click on Modalities:Information Link to learn more about shiatsu and sports massage.  

I can integrate sports massage and shiatsu techniques into a swedish massage if you would prefer an oil massage on the massage table. Let me know what your goals are for the massage before we get started! 

Cupping Massage:  The suction of the cups used during cupping massage can leave pink, red, or purple marks on some people, they will go away generally within a week. I will let you know this information before I use any cups, I never use cups without asking your permission first, and will explain the benefits.

If you have any questions or concerns after/or during your massage session, please feel comfortable to let me know.